Project Expectations of American Modernism Project
Using the Literature Book and additional credible, authoritative sources (no dictionary, encyclopedia, wikipedia-type sites, or spark-note/e-note-type sites), define all Aspects of American Modernism. Everyone is required to post the Aspects of American Modernism page. Each student will sign up to analyze one short story and one poem and will choose one additional work to analyze. Students will post their essay assignments and video assignments to the wiki page corresponding to the work of literature they are analyzing.

All work on the wiki is due no later than 3:04 p.m. on May 3, 2010.

Failure to use citations, using citations incorrectly, or claiming another’s work as one’s own is plagiarism and will result in a zero grade.

Reports that are missing components or not formatted properly will not be scored. Be sure to complete all components of the assignment. Late or incomplete reports will not be accepted.
The project is worth 200 points in the Report category with the following breakdown:

Using Classroom time - up to 25 points (points will be logged each class period)
Posting to the Aspects of American Modernism page - up to 25 points
Each essay (3 essays) - up to 20 points (Rubric) = 60 possible
Each video presentation (3 videos) - up to 20 points = 60 possible
Post honest, helpful, and respectful criticisms on the Discussions Tab of each Modernism Works page - up to 30 points

The Following assignment will be on each page created for the work of literature:

Create a video presentation summarizing your report on each author and embed it into the page

Delete this text and replace it with your embed code for your video - be sure to use MLA parenthetical citations and place your Works Cited list at the bottom of the page

Write an essay discussing the following points:
  1. Thoroughly show how the work of literature fits the definition of Modernism.
  2. Show how the writer’s life affected his/her work.
  3. Show how the work compares in style, character, theme, etc. to other works by the author and to your other assigned work.

Delete this text and replace it with your answer - be sure to use MLA parenthetical citations and place your Works Cited list at the bottom of the page

Modernism Project

Modernism Works

Amy Lowell

Angelina Weld Grimke

Arna Bontemps

Carl Sandburg

Claude McKay

Countee Cullen

Dorothy Parker

e e cummings

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Ezra Pound


Hart Crane

Ishmael Reed

James Weldon Johnson

John Crowe Ransom

Langston Hughes

Louise Bogan

Marianne Moore

Mark Strand

Randall Jarrell

Robinson Jeffers

T.S. Eliot

Wallace Stevens

William Carlos Williams

Anzia Yezierska

Bernard Malamud

E.B. White

Elie Wiesel

Ernest Hemingway

Eudora Welty

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Flannery O’Connor

James Baldwin

James Thurber

John Hersey

John Steinbeck

Katherine Anne Porter

Richard Wright

Sherwood Anderson

Thomas Wolfe

William Faulkner

Zora Neale Hurston