How does Stevens convey a message to the readers through “Anecdote of the Jar?” Stevens shows the literary period of Modernism when the poem is written in a sense of despair and sadness (Characteristics). Stevens does a good job with letting people feel into what he was feeling. In the poem, he confuses the reader and shows that he was going through a confusing time in his life as well (The Biography). Stevens stays consistent holding values that are true to modernism and somewhat the same as Cummings. Stevens represents the literary period of Modernism well in his writing.
Wallace Stevens shows the characteristics of Modernism in his poem “Anecdote of the Jar” many places. In the poem, Stevens writes in a tone that seems like he is in despair. Writing in a tone of despair is a specific characteristic of Modernism. One may believe that the poem is to focus on the person and not the social being. They may believe this because the setting for the poem is in nature and that is another characteristic of Modernism (Characteristics).
Stevens conveys a message to what he was feeling at the time when he wrote this essay. Stevens was having trouble identifying what his true profession should have been, so he was constantly changing jobs (The Biography). This poem is very confusing for the reader to get through without stopping because of the way it is worded and everything that is going on during the poem. The confusion from his life at the time carried over into the words in the poem letting the readers know how he felt without coming out and saying it.
Stevens holds the characteristics of Modernism well throughout a lot of his poems. In his poem “The Study of two Pears,” Stevens uses complex words and uses his vocabulary that some people may not know the meaning of (Stevens, Wallace. “Study”). This is the same type technique is used by E.E. Cummings in his poem “Next to of course God America I.” They both push the traditional writing style by using the big words and not using the correct punctuation. They both represent the Modernism literary period well.
In conclusion, Wallace Stevens shows how he is apart of Modernism very well. With the way that Stevens writes the poem in despair and sadness, there is no question that he was writing in the Modernism Literary period. Stevens really puts his heart into this poem and lets you know what he is feeling. Cummings also has the same writing as Stevens showing more support that he is writing with Modernism characteristics. Overall, Stevens and Cummings really engulf themselves in their poetry creating well done pieces of art to read.

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