"Petrified Man" is a short story written by Eudora Welty. The poem includes characteristics of Modernism writing and humor. She focused her poetry on Southern lifestyle, and the spoken language. Welty was a skilled photographer and writer, who based many stories on life experiences. Her point of view and use of Southern language were important to her stories.

This story shows Modernism qualities through the use of language and social issues (Edke). Most of the short story is written in conversation, thus the women have a southern accent. Welty uses the language to give the poem tone. The poem also focuses on social issues between the woman. They both want to be the prettiest, best wife they can be, and this leads them to jealousy and other ugly traits. They let public opinion choose how they act like.

Welty's life had an important affect on her writing. Being born in Jackson, Mississippi, Wetly focused on people of the South. She had grown up in the South, and had seen the way people act. When writing stories Welty said, "I try to enter the mind, heart, and skin of a human being who is not myself" (Personal Pages). This story shows problems that Welty saw with the way woman acted, and viewed each other. She believed in inner beauty rather than on the outside.

The short story is similiar to other works by Welty. Taking place in the South and stories of women were usual topics in Welty writing (Personal Pages). The poem was mostly dialogue, a common style in Welty stories. Welty compared to Langston Hughes is very different. Hughes focused on racial issues and black men, while Welty wrote about social issues and white women. The life experiences of the two were very diverse.

In conclusion, "Petrified Man" is a fine example of Modernism literature. Welty uses a life experience to write about social problems of the time. She used her writing to express problems that some women feel everyday. She just wants women to be confident with who they are and not have to compare themselves with other women.

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Petrified Man is a short story written by Eudora Welty. This is a very odd story and at times is hard to follow. This story is set in a southern community. Welty uses language and diction in very new ways. This is what makes it a modernist work along with a few other minor details in the story.

Welty likes to experiment with the language of a story (Worthington). She writes with a southern accent in this story. Instead of saying “get or can”, she uses “git or kin”. This is adding to the setting of the story. She is trying to build the setting with language rather than descriptions. This is a new way of doing this unlike previous methods. This story is written in conversation rather than telling a story. Welty likes to use new methods to get the same point across.

The two women in the story worry more about themselves rather than how the society sees them. They are trying to make themselves look like the ideal woman and have the best husband. They do not care what it may look like to the society. They just want to be perfect in their own way. They have more passion and will, than they have reason and morality (Worthington).

At the end the women feels cheated and feels hopeless. She had what she thought was a friend, but was stabbed in the back. The son of her “friend” in the end decides to talk back to an adult which is unheard of at this time. This is showing how modernist break from the traditional form (Worthington).

Growing up in the south played a huge factor in her writing. Most authors write about what happened to them earlier in life. This may have been something that happened to her or a story she heard. Welty believed in inner beauty rather than the outside appearance (Personal Pages).

Welty writes most of her works in the south (Personal Pages). She also writes a lot about women and what they think of each other. She also likes to use dialogue more than just telling a story (Personal Pages). Welty is a lot like other modernist because she is always trying something new. In this case she is trying to tell a story using a conversation. She is always trying to change the language just like Cummings.

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