Published in 1844, Edgar Allan Poe's short story, The Purloined Letter, effectively displays Dark Romanticism in the American Literary community. Due to Poe's successful reputation in literature, readers may obtain more entertainment and connection with the abnormal author. With his various pieces, a steady, yet reliable audience is easily obtained. The Purloined Letter retains much mystery and death, which is relative to a more dark, yet effective style of writing known as Dark Romanticism (Ricou). Dark Romanticism's ability to depict the adapting literary community only justifies its prominence in American literature. Although Poe suffered criticism for his personal life, his writing remains as a contributing aspect of literature. Poe's abnormal work, such as poems and short stories, effectively displayed this contribution. The short story is yet another piece displaying Dark Romanticism. Edgar Allan Poe used successful pieces, such as The Purloined Letter and The Raven, to obtain much recognition and depiction of the darker Romanticist period in which he had inhabited.

The narrator of Poe's piece, The Purloined Letter, is unknown to the reader and/or audience (Poe). The mysterious piece occurs in Paris, which is revealed in the introduction paragraph of the short story. The story seems to revolve around a prominent, yet speculated letter- hence the title of the story. Poe's use of theft and mischief are reoccurring themes throughout the abnormal piece. Poe effectively displayed theft and mischief when the letter was wrongfully misplaced. Following the theft of this letter, the accused is thoroughly searched and questioned for his thievery. In this excerpt from The Purloined Letter, readers learn of the accused character's identity: "The thief," said G., is the Minister D, who dares all things, those unbecoming as well as those becoming a man...(Poe)" In this excerpt, readers retain Minister D's intentions and truthful accusations. With this, thievery and mischief are adequately displayed.

Throughout the literary piece, the reputable author uses definitive dialogue and structure to obtain support (Poe). The heavy use of dialogue can be used as an effective device continuously used throughout the piece. Composed of many layers, The Purloined Letter allows for much conversation and mystery between the opposing characters. In a document composed by Laurie Ricou, the author Leonard Cohen is described as retaining dark romanticist qualities (Ricou). These qualities can be relative ideas in Dark Romanticism literature. The author typically did not rely on this heavy use of dialogue in contrasting pieces, which marks another difference between the mentioned short story and other prominent pieces; which have been repeatedly analyzed and commended by various readers and literary critiques. In a Dark Romanticist piece, most authors would refrain from the use of strong dialogue- instead the use of imagery and mental theorizing would be used. Edgar Allan Poe's eerie pieces seem to contrast with that of Dark Romanticist pieces, which have been commending for retaining dark, spiritual connection (Ricou).

After reading The Purloined Letter, readers may find a correlation with the piece and that of a more mysterious novel, such as the Sherlock Holmes Series. Poe's ability to display a slightly contrasting piece than his usual, displays his strong dynamic and versatility in the literary community. Often writing poetry and short stories, Poe's adequate ability to justify the broad Romanticism spectrum allows for much recognition and reputability. His vocabulary can also display this justifiable topic. Among knowledgeable readers, Poe's effective sentence structure and vocabulary provide smooth transitions and eerie imagery. Poe's strong imagery is yet another effective device used to obtain his literary intentions. With words such as "vain" and "disclosure," this strong imagery can be effectively displayed (Poe). Edgar Allan Poe's language is yet another tool used in his unusual writing style.

Regardless of The Purloined Letter's contrasting aspects with typical Dark Romanticism pieces, Poe uses his effective language, themes, and literary devices to obtain the support of many fans in this time period. Because of Poe's outlasting survival in the literary community, spectators of the art may further explore and cherish the abnormal author's commendable work and contribution. When relating to Romanticism, Poe's imagery and language can be adequately dubbed appropriate. Because of the appropriateness of the time period in which Poe wrote his significant pieces, the originality and abnormality of his work can be definitively commended and read. Through his various pieces, the author displayed his heavy imagery and successful language. With this adequate example of American literature, supporters and spectators can further understand the contribution that Edgar Allan Poe predisposed onto contemporary literature and its abnormal writing style.

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